Word of the Day: Buffoon


The Joker is quite the buffoon. Even Batman thinks the Joker clowns around a bit too much.



Word of the Day: Consternation


Obi-Wan’s astromech droid R4-Q9’s head was ripped off. So he had to pilot his ship by himself. It was dangerous. The ship was losing its control.


Anakin is the best pilot, but even he has difficulty steering a ship without a bit of droid help. Anakin stared in wide-eyed consternation as Obi-Wan expertly steered his broken ship to safety.


Anakin probably whispered to himself, “How does he do that?”


I hope you enjoyed my Word of the Day!


Word of the Day: Antipathy

In Episode III, Anakin Skywalker finally fights Obi-Wan Kenobi, his own Jedi Master.

Even Yoda said, “The Young Skywalker’s clouded his future is.”

The Jedi Knights of the Council were not sure Anakin would make it to Jedi Master.

Obiwan vs Anakin

Anakin does not make it.

Anakin believes Obi-Wan turns Padmé against him.

So, he fights Obi-Wan Kenobi on Mustafar.

It is a gruesome battle.

Obiwan vs Anakin2

Ever since the battle, Anakin has had a growing antipathy for Obi-Wan.


Anakin becomes Darth Vader and tries to destroy his one and only Jedi Master.

Obiwan vs Darth Vader

After Darth Vader ‘kills’ Obi-Wan, the Jedi Master becomes more powerful than anyone could imagine.