Fan Mail from Toot N. Kamen 2

WARNING: This is a very GROSS and FUNNY video.

Keep in mind, you can stop the video at any time to smell the stink AND fill out your own Pull My Finger by Toot N. Kamen workbook.

And one last thing, do not underestimate the power of the TOOTS.

Now, what are you waiting for?

Go fill out your own TOOT book!


The Gross Series at Bedtime

Enjoy Gross Bedtime Stories with The Independent Kid!

Remember: keep pickin’, tootin’ and smellin’!

To buy the books or for more information, please visit My Writing page.

Pull My Finger! by Toot N. Kamen

If you liked Nosy Posy by I. B. Picking, you will love the second book in The GROSS Series, Pull My Finger! by Toot N. Kamen.

My mom, dad and I were talking at the dinner table about what my second book in the The GROSS Series would be.  I got the idea from the Talking Tom 2 App because there is a lot of farting in it and it makes me laugh.

Kids of all ages would love Pull My Finger! by Toot N. KamenIt is the perfect workbook combining education (observational science, reading, and writing), naughtiness, humor, and gross stuff!


Now, what kid wouldn’t respond to that?

It is now being sold on Amazon. You can buy a Kindle copy or a paperback workbook.

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