Another Baby Bird

Remember that bird I found about a month ago?

Look! It’s another baby bird.

I think this one had a broken wing.


It couldn’t fly, so I took it to an Animal Rescue Center.


This is the bird in the box.

I don’t think he liked it in there because he pooped. Or maybe it’s just because he didn’t like the color orange.


The people at the Animal Rescue Center said this bird was a baby cuckoo bird.


Found: Cute Little Bird

One day this past week, my dad was working outside. When I came out to look for him, he showed me a baby bird that had fallen out of its nest. I decided to pick it up and put it on the pinestraw to keep it safe from the mower. But, then, it hopped right back on to the grass.

What a crazy bird! Didn’t he know I put him there for a reason?!?

I really wanted to give the poor bird some food. But, it wouldn’t eat anything. It just kept opening its little beak.

IMG_2035005 IMG_2036007 IMG_2037003 IMG_2039006 IMG_2043004