2016 Update

I’m sorry I have not been working on this blog for a while…

So, I decided: “Hey! I’m going  to post all my recent stuff!!”

Here are my most recent videos from October 2015 to now (March 3 2016)!!

Doctor Who Mastermind Quiz Show

Rowan Atkinson

A Month of Minecraft

If I were an Astronaut, Where Would I Go?

Sharks, The Most Feared Water Creatures

How to Write the Arabic Alphabet

Archibald Cox

Panning for Gold

Inside Minecraft

PLEO, Your Robot Camarasaurus Pet

Different Forms of Energy


Facts about Pokemon


Roy Rogers

Today, I had my Notables at Noon presentation on Roy Rogers. Maybe you might come and present at the Notables at Noon some time! I really like it because it’s fun and you get to present on someone you admire.

This is The Wild West Show song I created today. I hope you like it. It reminds me of Roy Rogers, The King of the Cowboys!

Here is my project. I hope you love it.