2016 Update

I’m sorry I have not been working on this blog for a while…

So, I decided: “Hey! I’m going  to post all my recent stuff!!”

Here are my most recent videos from October 2015 to now (March 3 2016)!!

Doctor Who Mastermind Quiz Show

Rowan Atkinson

A Month of Minecraft

If I were an Astronaut, Where Would I Go?

Sharks, The Most Feared Water Creatures

How to Write the Arabic Alphabet

Archibald Cox

Panning for Gold

Inside Minecraft

PLEO, Your Robot Camarasaurus Pet

Different Forms of Energy


Facts about Pokemon


5 Top Reasons Kids Need to Watch Master of Disguise

Turtle is my favorite part in this movie!

1. Every scene will make you laugh.

2. It’s very important to laugh because if you don’t, your life will be boring.

3. If you want to be a comedian, like me, Dana Carvey’s roles will teach you good tricks. Watch this clip. He is great.

4. It has the best fart scenes! You have to watch this clip.

5. WHO’S YOUR DADDY!!!??? (If you haven’t watched the trailer above, you won’t get this awesomeness.)


Adventure, a Horror Comedy Short

Adventure, a Horror Comedy Short, starring three characters: Pirate Cut Throat Jack, Kenneth the Hawk and Sea Captain Sammy Jones. If you like suspense and Halloween, this is your movie! I created this movie with my friend, The Dino Tamer. We could only spend $10 on the props and our short had to be less than 10 minutes. We wrote it, acted in it, edited it and I composed a few songs for it. It took a few months to do our short that is only six minutes long! Imagine how long it would take to make a one-hour movie!

Sit back and enjoy ADVENTURE!

Here are the bloopers!

Tell me how much you liked it!




Dragonmann in the Graveyard
Pencil and Markers

Dragonmann is a good guy. He fights off bad zombies and ghosts, as shown in my drawing (above). He has razor sharp wolf claws that never break. His skeleton is plated with titanium and he has bat wings that help him fly. He breathes fire, has a snake tongue, rabbit ears and a wolf body. Don’t you think my drawing looks like Michael Jackson’s video Thriller?

This is my stop motion LEGO version of Thriller.