2016 Update

I’m sorry I have not been working on this blog for a while…

So, I decided: “Hey! I’m going  to post all my recent stuff!!”

Here are my most recent videos from October 2015 to now (March 3 2016)!!

Doctor Who Mastermind Quiz Show

Rowan Atkinson

A Month of Minecraft

If I were an Astronaut, Where Would I Go?

Sharks, The Most Feared Water Creatures

How to Write the Arabic Alphabet

Archibald Cox

Panning for Gold

Inside Minecraft

PLEO, Your Robot Camarasaurus Pet

Different Forms of Energy


Facts about Pokemon


Easy and Quick Candied Apples

Easy and Quick Candied Apples

One day, I was sitting at the dinner table and I thought, “Hey, maybe I can make candied apple dessert for myself!” So, this is what I did.


Apples, chopped and placed in a bowl with toothpicks

Coconut Nectar or Honey or Maple Syrup, in another bowl

Sprinkles, in yet another bowl


1. Pierce a piece of apple with a toothpick.

2. Coat the apple piece with nectar/honey/syrup.

3. Dip in sprinkles.

4. EAT IT! EAT IT! EAT IT! Sing it to the tune of this video below:

Metallic Man

It all started out with a sign at the grocery store for a food wrap advertisement. I saw the picture of a little metal man and I got an idea. I thought, maybe I can make my own Super Hero made out of all metal.

Here is Metallic Man!

Floating Metallic Man

Metallic Man has the same powers as Superman, but his weakness is Metal Crush, a giant hammer.

Flying Metallic Man

By the way, here is his theme song Extra Terrestrial.

The Origami Munsters

This is my origami Munsters.  I like the Munsters because they are a Halloween Monster Family who everyone would like to be. They are very nice monsters. The funny things are:

– Herman thinks he looks perfectly normal, but everytime he looks in the mirror, the mirror cracks,

– Grandpa has magic potions for everything,

– Lily can fly,

– Eddie can run really fast,

– Marilyn is the only one who is not a monster, and

– Charlie is a con-artist.


Lily, Marilyn, Eddie, Herman, Charlie, Grandpa and Herman (again) Munster


Lily, Marilyn, Eddie, Herman, Charlie, Grandpa and Herman (again) Munster

My Own Typewriters

I have always wanted a typewriter because it fascinates me.

But, I never got one.

So I told myself, “You know what? I’ll just make my own!”

First, I made a typewriter out of paper.

This is the front:


This is the back:


The brand of my typewriter is Banana Works.


And Banana Works is sponsored by Apple and Google.

IMG_0787006 IMG_0788002

When I type, the paper comes out of the top:


Then, my Mama showed me a website where they made typewriters out of cardboard.  Here is the link to the one I liked the most.

I thought, “I really like that! I want to make my own!”

Here is me putting on the numbers and letters on my cardboard typewriter:


This is me using the hot glue:


This is me putting on the rest of the letters, symbols and the space bar:



I’m writing SPACE on the space bar:


I’m finally typing!




I got to go!

I want to type on my typewriter some more!


Natural Cola


I’m posing in honor of Coca-Cola because I can’t drink it so I made my own.

If you want the recipe, go to Not Quite Nigella. The only changes I made were: we used Turbinado Sugar instead of white sugar, Sucanat instead of brown sugar, I didn’t use coriander seeds but 1 teaspoon of coriander powder, I didn’t use lavender, I used 1 cinnamon stick instead of cassia bark and I didn’t add caramel food coloring.

These are the ingredients before we boiled it.


After 20 minutes of boiling, we cooled it and filtered it.


I thought the color looked a little like mud.


I added half a cup of Natural Sparkling Water and half a cup of my Natural Cola together and I drank it.



And then came the BURP!

My Stickman: The Blueprint and His Tools

This is my blueprint for my Stickman and his tools: a skull sword, his armor, nunchucks, little daggers, and a spiked club.


This is my real Stickman.


Did you know some Stickman drawings are used in video games and animation? My favorite app game is Draw A Stickman.

I decided to make a real wooden one in honor of the game. This is how to do it:

1. cut pieces of a dowel for body parts and a circular dowel for the face

2. use glue to stick them together (I used a glue gun)

3. draw eyes and mouth on the face.


If you want to learn how to make a Stickman and his tools out of wooden dowels, please watch my video.


My Cardboard Recreation of Wall-E II

This is Wall-E II. I created him in honor of the real Wall-E.

Cardboard box, toilet paper rolls, cups, tape, box cutters, scissors, hot glue + markers= WALL-E ll.

Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Now, listen to my music Guitar Menace while you look at these pictures.

These are the eyes of Wall-E II.


These are Wall-E II’s arms.


This is Wall-E II’s body.


This is Wall-E II’s Identification Card.


These are Wall-E II wheels.