The Giant Monster

Torchwood copy

This is my actual Beta Fish called Torchwood.

Once upon a time in Lake M, there was a Giant Monster who ate up all the fish population. Soon, there was only one fish left: Torchwood. Torchwood is an amazing, cute, curious, active, red Beta Fish. Torchwood has superpowers of flying, swift swimming, knife fins, and MEGAFARTS!!! Now back to the story.

The Giant Monster chases Torchwood through rocks, a carcass of a Kracken, and bones lying on the floor of the lake. Torchwood is scared so he tries his new maneuver: MEGAFART!!  The Giant Monster is blown back immediately a Gazillion miles but gets super angry and races after him.  Torchwood hides behind a sunken ship’s treasure chest.

Torchwood is not out of sight for long!! The Giant Monster dives behind the treasure chest. They start to fight in a flurry of scales and fins!! Suddenly, Torchwood comes out of the dust and swims super fast back into the cloud of dust. Torchwood slices the Giant Monster’s guts with his knife fins! The Giant Monster’s guts spill out into the water along with all the fish he ever ate.

The fish come out and are all alive again. To sum up this story, Torchwood becomes the National Fish Hero and gets the “That Smells Fishy!” award. After he gets the award, all the fish are safely back in Lake M. This is the latest tale Torchwood has told me.


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