Humongous Catfish


Check out this cool catfish. I found it in my yard. I’ve been trying to figure out what might have eaten it and brought it on land.

Muskrat? Raccoon? Snake? Bird? Turtle? Beaver? (If you don’t believe beavers eat fish, take a look at this video.)

What do you think?


This is me poking it with a stick.


It has tiny sharp little teeth too. Do you see that tongue?


Look! Half of it is eaten. It must have been humongous.


Stay tuned, like my guitar, for more of The Independent Kid’s adventures.



2 thoughts on “Humongous Catfish

  1. Liam says “That is a huge catfish. I think it was a beaver that the other half of the cat fish. Is there a beaver dame by our house?” Aria says ” It think it huge that catfish was. Have you ever found something like that before?”

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