Found: Snake Back Bone



One day, I was walking and noticed a lot of noise. I went to check it out and there was a snake and a heron fighting outside. The heron flew away and left the snake on the ground without a head, just as I was approaching.

I left the snake because it was kind of spooky. When I left, guess what returned? The heron!

When I came back a few hours later, this is what I found. Sorry I didn’t have a camera to take a photo of the snake with its skin on, but this is even better.


Take a look at what was also left of the snake: blood and guts.



I didn’t know that herons ate snakes!


2 thoughts on “Found: Snake Back Bone

  1. I also did not know that herons like eating snakes. Good thing that they do. They protect against the snakes which are also not so bad since the snakes eat rodents and other stuff lurching in your backyard. Just be careful with the snakes though.

    You should try to identify the snakes that you find in your garden and determine if these bite and if they are poisonous. Also, check out the herons and find out what else they like to eat. Also find out if herons can hear. Maybe they like listening when you play your drums.

    Your backyard sounds like a biology lab! You can learn lots of things just walking around!!!

    Your fan,


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