Word of the Day: Consternation


Obi-Wan’s astromech droid R4-Q9’s head was ripped off. So he had to pilot his ship by himself. It was dangerous. The ship was losing its control.


Anakin is the best pilot, but even he has difficulty steering a ship without a bit of droid help. Anakin stared in wide-eyed consternation as Obi-Wan expertly steered his broken ship to safety.


Anakin probably whispered to himself, “How does he do that?”


I hope you enjoyed my Word of the Day!



5 thoughts on “Word of the Day: Consternation

  1. Dear Independent Kid,
    I love the way you used the word of the day, the conversation around which you used it and the drawings to give it more drama! It is with great consternation that I am not able to think of a use of the word as well as you have. (Opps, did I just use the word?)
    Your faithful and loyal fan.

  2. Guess what! I just heard the King of Spain use your word of the day. Today was a day of mourning in Spain since their first president after the dictatorship of Franco, Adolfo Suarez, died. The King of Spain said in his brief statement that “the death of Adolfo Suarez brings me great CONSTERNATION and pain”. Maybe you should send the King the way you used the word!

  3. Hey Independent Kid, I think the King of Spain would get a big kick in receiving a note from you regarding the coincidence in his use of the word CONSTERNATION on the same day that it was your word of the day. Send him how you used it and your drawings. I think you can also consider sending him a copies of your books and tell him that his grandchildren might enjoy reading it. He might just surprise you and answer you back! Wouldn’t that be neat?
    What do you think?

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