How You Can Make Homemade Firecrackers

If you like fireworks, this is the perfect video for you to watch because you’ll learn how to make it yourself! Remember: have your parents help you and do this outdoors far away from anything that can burn.

Let me know what you think of the recipe and join me on!

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4 thoughts on “How You Can Make Homemade Firecrackers

  1. To the Independent Kid: You taught me a lot this morning when I read your detailed instructions on how to make a firecracker. It also sounds like you have been studying and learned a lot about chemicals.
    One word of caution though (which you might want to put in the introduction of your instructions on how to make firecrackers). Firecrackers are nice to watch from a distance. This should not be played with inside the house and you should always take precaution when you light one up. Always use a long stick to light one up. When I was slightly older than you, I lit one up while holding the firecracker. It blew up in my hands which caused a lot of pain from the burn. I was lucky that nothing more serious happened to me.
    Great video!

    • Hi Ms. Bonnie, we had to light it to get it going with some paper underneath. It was too windy to use a candle wick or long piece of paper. Let me know if you try it! Just remember, you need double the amount of match head powder to the striker powder.

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