Nosy Posy by I. B. Picking

At Christmas time, I asked my Grampa and Lulu if they like potty humor. Grampa said “YES” and started making up funny names for books. His favorite funny book title is called The Yellow Stream by I. P. Daily. Lulu came up with the name Nosy Posy by I. B. Picking. So, I created this book for my grandmother. I hope she likes the copy that I am going to give her.


It is the perfect workbook combining education (observational science, reading, and writing), naughtiness, humor, and gross stuff!


Kids of all ages would love it, especially those who love to pick their noses.

It is now being sold on Amazon. You can buy a Kindle copy or a paperback workbook.


I hope you and your kids like this book!

The Independent Kid.


3 thoughts on “Nosy Posy by I. B. Picking

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