My Own Typewriters

I have always wanted a typewriter because it fascinates me.

But, I never got one.

So I told myself, “You know what? I’ll just make my own!”

First, I made a typewriter out of paper.

This is the front:


This is the back:


The brand of my typewriter is Banana Works.


And Banana Works is sponsored by Apple and Google.

IMG_0787006 IMG_0788002

When I type, the paper comes out of the top:


Then, my Mama showed me a website where they made typewriters out of cardboard.  Here is the link to the one I liked the most.

I thought, “I really like that! I want to make my own!”

Here is me putting on the numbers and letters on my cardboard typewriter:


This is me using the hot glue:


This is me putting on the rest of the letters, symbols and the space bar:



I’m writing SPACE on the space bar:


I’m finally typing!




I got to go!

I want to type on my typewriter some more!



4 thoughts on “My Own Typewriters

  1. That is such a great typewriter! Even better with Apple and Google sponsoring Banana Works! That will only make more people buy not only more typewriters (and other products) of Banana Works but also more shares of Apple and Google since I am sure they will make a lot of money with their sponsorship of Banana Works.
    One thing though, will you be able to type well with two of your fingers taped together?

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