The Discovery of the Day: Fish Bones

Look! Vultures!


I wonder if they ate these!

IMG_1962003 IMG_1963008  IMG_1966004 IMG_1967002

WOW! That’s HUGE!


Look! These are so long!

IMG_1971005 IMG_1972011 IMG_1973009

This is the biggest fish skeleton I’ve ever found!



It’s me, The Independent Kid!

Today, I was gardening when I saw a lot of vultures. They were feasting on dead pike fish! They only left the bones. The largest one was 2 feet and 4 inches.

Cool or what?

Hope you enjoyed my true story of the day.

The Independent Kid


3 thoughts on “The Discovery of the Day: Fish Bones

  1. WOW! Those are really big fish. You should try to beat those vultures to the fish so you can have your Mama make a nice fresh fish dish for dinner!
    You should do some research and find out how dangerous these vultures might be to human beings. Do they bite young boys, especially those who wear nice sneakers?

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